“We have laid down the foundations for the company to grow and having expertise in a range of fields gives us a solid base for the future.”
–Robert Monk, Chairman.

About Us

Founded in 1991, Monk Estates is one of the UK’s leading family owned,independent, property development & investment companies. Established by Robert Monk almost 30 years ago, the company has undertaken numerous projects across a broad spectrum within the property sector adapting to market trends across the UK, Europe and wider parts of the globe.

Our dynamic, innovative approach is the key to our success and our insistence on quality is demonstrated through every project. We specialise in many sectors such as; residential, student accommodation, industrial, office, leisure and retail. The attention to detail of our dedicated team of experts –from research, acquisition, finance, design, construction and managementhas led to Monk Estates’ enviable reputation for performance. We aim to apply our renowned approach of careful development and quality design to towns and cities thirsty for regeneration and solid futureproofing for the next generation

Monk Group Companies

Mortar Developments

Over the years, Mortar Developments has been involved in the procurement of several purpose-build student accommodation schemes since the early 1990s. The brand is specifically focused on high-quality purpose-built student accommodation, a sector which has seen tremendous growth in recent years. Mortar Developmentshas now delivered over 8,000 beds of PBSA across Europe. Our projects have always been completed on time and tailored towards the specific requirements of the end user. Our most recent clients include; Nottingham Trent University, University of Nottingham, University College London, Kaplan International Colleges, University of Derby and Leicester DeMontford University. We have also developed for independent operatorssuch as Valeo Group, Aberdeen Standard and Unite. Further information on our student schemes can be found on www.mortardevelopments.co.uk.


Building on foundations of experience in student developments, we have taken our knowledge and applied this to catering towards the demand of young professionals for high-quality and well-managed residential accommodation. Known more commonly as the Build to Rent (B2R) sector or the Private Rented Sector (PRS), HyLyFE will bring together the latest in prop-tech, eco-friendly and community-based living set around customer-focused management systems. The HyLyFE brand will provide the backdrop for our new B2R business. The intentions are to maximise development returns by capturing all aspects of development profit such as planning gain, construction, management and eventual asset sale with operating expertise. Consistent attention to detail and high-quality living will enable HyLyFE to drive rents, increase demand from tenants and operate efficiently, which in turn will increase the property asset value. For more information About HylyFe please visit www.hylyfe.co.uk.

MonkFish Construction Management

MonkFish Construction Management is the collaboration of Robert Monk, Sam Monk and Charles Fish. Having worked on projects together for over 25 years, initially as developer and contractor and then later evolved as joint developers. On our own projects of the right scale and type, we have decided not to appoint main contractors but to split this project down into bite size components. Therefore, capturing the contractor profits, but also omitting some of the associated risk and head office overheads whilst ensuring higher quality control and efficient management.

Robert has many years’ experience of bringing together teams of people to create developments within city centres, which literally changes people’s lives in where they live, work and play. Charles brings along the practical knowledge of experience with and using the best consultant practices with the unique technical experience for the various projects. Under different developer company names Robert and Charles have worked in these roles and have now decided to unite into one unique structure: Monkfish Construction Management Ltd.

Website for MonkFish coming soon.